• Mary Lavoe, a 19-year-old lady, has recounted the life-threatening medical condition that informed doctors to remove her womb
  • The teenage girl became pregnant while in Form Two and was later diagnosed with cancer of the womb
  • Doctors at Korle-Bu had to remove her uterus to save her life
  • Mary sat for an interview with Crime Check TV and recounted her painful ordeal

A 19-year-old lady named Mary Lavoe has recounted the dreadful medical condition that informed doctors to remove her womb after she became pregnant while in school.

Mary who came from a poor home slept with an unnamed man in exchange for financial assistance.

The teenager became pregnant after being involved with the guy and knew that things were about to get thick.

She decided to keep the pregnancy and bear the consequences of her actions.

Speaking to Crime Check TV, the 19-year-old said she started experiencing pain months into her pregnancy.

The lady visited a hospital to make sure her baby was okay and was later told she had an ectopic pregnancy.

After getting treated, her pain still persisted and medics decided to take blood samples to determine what was ailing Mary.

The student revealed doctors further learned she was also suffering from cancer of the womb and needed immediate treatment.

Doctors at Korle-Bu recommended chemotherapy treatment, but a week into the therapy, she bled profusely.

According to Mary, she suffered severe pains during this period and was given the option that required doctors to surgically remove her uterus.

She was grateful to the doctors and knew the operation was necessary.


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