The President of the Love World Incorporated, aka Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has said the second coming of Christ will not exceed 10 years.

The pastor made this known while using a mathematical formula: “Almighty Formula,” to calculate the date of rapture to his congregation.

He said: “If the Rapture doesn’t happen in three years, it will be six years.

“If does not happen in six years, it won’t exceed 10yrs.”

However, his prediction has generated several reactions on Twitter.

Here are some tweets:

@nyaabahgeorge: “But I thought The Bible said no one knows when rapture go happen?? Pastor Chris has unlocked the code ooo. Praise be to God.”

@KwameNiii: “Please if you’re thinking of making any properties stop. Because Pastor Chris says at most in 10 years time the rapture will happen.”

@Hammdriller: “Impressive use of mathematics:

“In this same world People have sent rockets & satellites to Mars, and are already planning a manned mission for 2030.

“Another group led by Pastor Chris, is expecting Jesus to invade earth on a flying horse to fulfill rapture in 2030.”


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