It is generally perceived that Davido is from a rich family but hardly do people know that his family is one of the richest in the country and their wealth has been long-standing.

Chief Adebayo Adeleke and grandson, Davido.

Today, we are going to the very core of how Davido gained his moniker, “Omo Baba Olowo”. If you are searching for information about Davido’s grandfather, it will hardly be easy. There’s not much information about their family relations and it’s necessary to dig deeper into Davido’s family bio and background.

Is Adebayo Adeleke Davido’s grandfather?

It’s known for sure that Davido is of Yoruba origin through his father’s side. His father, Adedeji or simply Deji Adeleke, is a son to the Chief Adebayo Adeleke. Yes, it’s the same Adebayo Adeleke who created Banana Island close to Lagos. Late Chief Adebayo Adeleke was a University of London trained Civil Engineer (MICE), and CEO of City Property Development Ltd.

It’s a great thing to come from such a family. Such a famous and talented grandfather gave life to a prosperous father and the latter brought up a billionaire son. Davido himself already has two children by two different women and he’s ready to give them a great start in their lives.

What about Adebayo Adeleke Banana Island?

The chief was full of creative ideas regarding the island and wanted it to become a place to attract people from around the world to invest in the project and develop it properly. He saw the place as one of the most expensive resorts in Africa and had a precise plan for how to make his dream come true.

The idea met not too much appreciation despite the chief presentation of all the details about his plans and the benefits they could bring to the area and the whole country. This is why he had to hire a company from abroad and engage them in the building process. In addition to this, the Chief asked the engineer Minoru Yamasaki (the constructor of the Twin Towers in New York) to create copies of the towers for him.


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