A Self-acclaimed prophet allegedly raped a teenage girl after he ordered her to bring her private parts’ fluids so that he would mix his with it to cast out evil spirits that were tormenting her.

It is alleged a 19-year-old teenager was tormented by evil spirits and so her father took her to Prophet Merryward Marara’s shrine in Southwold suburb in Bulawayo. This event took place in Zimbabwe.

It is said on the day in question, there were a lot of people, as a result, Merryward asked the young woman’s father to go and leave her behind. The unsuspecting father left her and returned home.

It is alleged that the prophet told her that her ex-lover cast a bad spell on her and for her to be delivered she needed to bring her vagina fluids, that, he would be mix with his sperms. It is said he told the young woman to return the following day at 5pm.

It is reported she returned the following day at 5pm. The accused person allegedly told the unsuspecting woman that the Holy Spirit had revealed to him that he had to have sex with her and failure to that will evoke evil spirits that would torment her to death.

The prophet remained with her alone when other people who had come to be pray had left.

He allegedly told her to spread a white cloth on the ground and lie on it. The minor complied and he raped her once with a condom. The prophet then ordered the minor to write her ex-boyfriend’s name on a paper and poured water into the condom which had his sperms.

Merryward allegedly held the condom in the air and prayed to it and gave it to the complainant to bath with the mixture for five days.

The teenager returned home and narrated the whole ordeal to her aunt. The aunt advised her to make a police report leading to the arrest of Merryward.

He appeared before regional magistrate Mafios Moyo facing a rape charge to which he pleaded not guilty. He has been remanded in custody till the trial.


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