A lady walking her dog with her boyfriend was murdered after a man shot at them 24 times after they had an argument about her dog’s poop.

24-year-old Michael Close is believed to have shot a semi-automatic AK-47 rifle at Darian Simon and Isabella Thallas while they were walking their dog in front of his house.

The Couple

A court heard the 24-year-old shot at them after their pet pooped in a rock garden opposite his home and shoutedd: “Are you going to train that f***ing dog or just yell at it?”

Prosecutors played video from neighbourhood surveillance that showed the shooter opening his blinds and pointing the rifle at the couple as Darian Simon bent over to pick up the dog’s poop.

Joseph Trujillo, Denver police homicide investigator, said the shooting occurred after Michael Close and Darian Simon quarreled over the dog’s poop in front of his apartment complex.

The man and his dog.

Joseph Trujillo told a preliminary court hearing that the shots killed Isabella Thallas immediatelty and her boyfriend was shot twice in the legs.

He also said officers discovered six shell casings inside Michael Close’s Ballpark neighbourhood apartment, and 18 others outside his window after the attack on June 10.

Michael Close has been charged with first-degree murder and over a dozen other counts after he took off from the crime scene in his car and was arrested by cops later that same day.

Joseph Trujillo said Chelsea Thompson, his girlfriend, informed the cops that after the shooting her boyfriend called her crying and confessing to shooting two people.

The shooter was also crying and apologising when he was arrested, the court was told.

Chelsea Thompson also told the cops that not long ago, her boyfriend was been diagnosed with a personality disorder and was struggling substance abuse.

A search warrant executed inside the shooter’s home found cocaine residue, several open containers of alcohol, and six shell casings, Joseph Trujillo revealed. Another 18 shells were found in front of the apartment window.

Cops discovered an assault-style weapon, a Glock 17 and a shotgun in the apartment.

Police also recovered high capacity magazines and ammunition that can hold more than 15 bullets which are illegal in Colorado state.

One of Michael Close’s friends is believed to have informed authorities that the 24-year-old lost his job in the pandemic and struggled with being unable to visit the gym.

His defense attorney argued during cross-examination that Darian Simon was shown a photo line-up from his hospital room on June 14, pointing out the wrong suspect at the time.

Judge Teesch-Maguire still found sufficient evidence to hold Michael Close, who is set to be arraigned on January 4.

The 24-year-old has been charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree murder, nine counts of using a prohibited high-capacity magazine during a crime, two counts of prohibited use of a firearm, two counts of first-degree assault, one count of disorderly conduct and four sentence enhancers for violent crime.


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