Pearl Shim Mugalla is a 12 year old Nollywood actress, who is conspicuously known as small Daniella of perfect partner studio.

This great little youth was brought about by a South Korean man and a Nigerian woman which makes her a half Nigerian and a half South Korean.

She started acting when she was 9 years old and as young as she can’t avoid being she has highlighted in various films.

Pearl Shim Mugala was born in 2008 by Afor France mugala to a south Korean man, but lamentably this little adolescent has no idea who her father is and that is because he isn’t in Nigeria.

Another sad thing is that she lost her lone parent which is her mother not many months earlier.

The affirmation of her mother’s passing was made known by her chief in the ideal accomplice official instagram page.

A significant superb little youth who is up ’till now 12 years old is normally a transient without no father or mother aside from it is represented that she lives with her auntie in Lagos.

She came into spotlight when she included in The Popular Nollywood film known as my kids and I expected her employment absolutely in that film close by with the Oguike sisters.

Pearl has furthermore highlighted in any excess films like “little Daniela” and some others.

This youngster said she has reliably yearned for transforming into a clinical trained professional but at this point that she’s acting, she said she has not picked if to seek after her dream about being a clinical subject matter expert or to remain being a performer in Nollywood films.

Indeed, even in her young age she has encountered a huge load of troublesome circumstances like when she lost her mum and besides when she faced licentious conduct by one of her male educators in school, however offer thanks toward God she was adequately sagacious to open the man to the world to see such an individual he is.

This youngster has set a model for some young women of her age, that they should talk when they see someone unequivocally bothering or assaulting them.

Through her photographs and besides her family name you can tell that she isn’t just a Nigerian youngster yet furthermore a South Korean young woman cause has their looks.


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