A judge at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory sitting in Kubwa, Abuja, has warned that married couples risked endangering their children’s lives when they separate or divorce.

Presiding judge Kezziah Ogbonnaya gave the advice on Monday when a 2016 case between a woman and her husband (name withheld) was called up.

Counsel for the woman, Onyeka Mbakwe, said that his client, who already has two children for her husband, wants the marriage to be dissolved.

He was silent as to what transpired between his client and her husband, but noted that the woman was also asking the court to determine how their children would be raised (legal custody) as they go their separate ways.

“We have come here for dissolution of the marriage between the petitioner and the respondent.

“The Respondent have also cross-petitioned.

” What parties want is what is best for their two children; their education and welfare,” he said.

On his part, counsel to the husband, David C. Maduka, held that the parties had failed to agree on who should take custody of the children and how they should be raised.

“Settlement has been tried to be reached but we are in court to reach a definite determination to the matter,” he said.

But Ogbonnaya, who was visibly angry, said she does not like hearing divorce cases.

She explained that people seeking such may be shocked when it eventually dawns on them that there is no perfect person anywhere.

“No court can force anybody to marry.

“There is no perfect human being.

“When you meet another Mr. or Mrs . Perfect and annoy them. He or she will say, do you want to treat me the way you treated your partner?,” she said.

The judge was also angry that the partners had not been staying together since 2016, yet they failed to agree on how their children will be raised.

“Whatever you people are struggling with, you people should go home and look at the processes.

“When you have children….and you scatter…when your child grows up, they will hate you.

“Who knows who they will marry…they might marry someone sitting here or even the child of a judge…and they will bring the experience they had with you to their marriage,” she said.

Subsequently, she adjourned the case to September 23, but on the condition that the parents must be present to testify before her and tell the court what they have decided about their children.

“Two of them should come to court and testify…

“If the issue is on custody…Sit down as a couple and decide how the welfare of the children will go.

“The marriage is no longer in existence and you people have been filing processes since 2015,” she said.

When the woman stood to speak, the judge refused to listen.

“Go and find out where your husband is.

“He is still your husband until the court says so,” the judge added.

Our correspondent learnt that after ruling has been delivered regarding the custody of children, the court will then give judgement on the dissolution suit.


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